Here goes nothing....

So now I'm going down a course I'm not sure of while thinking of others.  I'm taking Pshycology right now, and btw 11 and 12th I'm going to take the rest of the prerecs for nursing. I'm doing this even though i dont really know what I want to do. I'm also planning on going into the air force after school...... I'm working hard. Yesterday I was lazy because I've been sick. Of course, because i have anxiety, my brain starts to overthink. It occured to me that i've never reallll tried on any of my own dreams. I never do anything for just me. I will.....i just dont know what. Every since I was a little girl I wanted to be a singer. And after that, I still wanted to be a singer, but I wanted to model as well. Now i think I might really enjoy acting. The logical thing to do is finnish my education, but my heart is telling me that following that same old path that everyone else has walked only leads to a life not meant for me.  I mean, honnestly. I cant live in a common position. I need more in life.

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    Taking courses now just gives you more options later. The U. S. A. F. can help cover college and provide training in a skill which gives you more options later.
    Becoming a singer, actress, or model are wonderful goals. Many try and a few make it. Perhaps you’d make it too but most of those who do go through some lean times first so having an additional skill set to help with cash flow is a plus…just my thoughts for what it’s worth

    June 13, 2017
    1. zoemariemorgan

      true. i had the same thought. I want an education first, because then i have a back up

      June 14, 2017