So, just a quick statement. Im no longer on the yproanna website. Plus I ran away from home. Almost committed suiside and went to UAB for two weeks. I'm home now. Everything is ok. I have no internet where i am staying
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  1. fuall

    C’mon! UAB isn’t that bad of a school! But seriously, running away rarely solves problems, and suicide is just TOO final. No one as young as you should ever contemplate such a thing when there are so many days, months, and years stretching out in front of you that still offer the possibility of improvement. The glass isn’t half-empty, and it’s not half-full… it’s just a damn glass with some water in it. And that’s how life is/will be. Not all happy, not all bad, just another life that is what you decide it is. Try to make good choices and always move forward, not letting anyone hold you back or drag you down. The first ‘Law of Life’ is Self Preservation. You do you, worry about everything else when you’re okay.

    July 31, 2017