Grief consumes me. It's as if everyday is a living funeral. I see how people who love me will be if I gave up. I see people who wouldn't care. And I mourn my life as it slips away mentally before physically. God help me before it is everlasting too late. The world of pain I'll leave. Into nothing, I will enter. Please show me another way. Please show me another life. Before I give way to dangerous fate and seal away the strife. Abide in darkness, slay day. Grief Consumes me, my lord. Put my faults away. Show me the sun can rise, and Gold can stay. Greif consumes me, my Lord, take my demons to perish, take my demons to away. Everyday should be a life celebration, not my soul in decay.
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  1. laurenshortland

    Grief and sadness are the feelings that can consume your soul fully and can make you a nut shell so you should avoid those feelings. As per the rushmyessay editing service a person should be cheerful enough to give a tough time to all these feelings and emotions.

    April 29, 2017