Savage Mom

So I woke up to a note cussing me out,and telling me I need to pack my fucken bags and leave!

Please God! Let me be swimsuit ready by Summer!!!

OK, so every year I say "When summer comes I'm going to look good in a swimsuit." I never do. I seriously don't even want to wear a one piece. So, if you have been listening to my tips, I'd like to hear some of yours. Thanks!  

I'm now at 159 pounds

Getting ever so close to my goal of 140. Getting ever so close to how I really want to look.  I even got a thigh gap! IDK why, but I've always wanted one. 

How I see Myself

I feel, I feel like people only talk to me out of charity. Like they are walking up to special needs to give them a high five. They give me fake smile,and avoid me most of the time.  My mother thinks I am anti social because I am a sociopath. I'm...


I'm so tired of these standardized test. They always make me feel stupid, and they honestly don't record what you really know.  I can already tell college this summer will be hard.

Do it now

If you want to feel my heart beat, Do it now, I'm not Waiting   If you want to hear my voice, Here it now It's Fading   If you want kiss my face Kiss it now it's ageing    If you have somthing to say, Say it now,...